Vaajakallio Design Oy
Industrial Designer
T&E centres' DesignStart

Jukka Vaajakallio was among the first to become an approved DesignStart consultant in Finland.

DesignStart is an advice service run by the T&E centres (the Employment and Economic Development Centres) that allows a client firm, on application, to receive 1+3 (+5) days of design service subsidised by the T&E centre network. Most often, in the time available, the product's shape, shapes, a 3D model and virtual images are developed and an idea obtained of its materials and ease of manufacture. You can obtain further information by visiting

Vaajakallio Design Oy is among the partners that compose the co-operation network Highline Oy, a broad-based network whose members include experienced consultants representing all fields of business, whose expertise invariably extends from business planning and marketing to production control. For further information, visit

The design and mechanical planning of Oseir Oy's SprayWatch camera was drawn up to form manufacturing documents during the 1+3+5 days of DesignStart work. The cost of the new mechanisms was less that a quarter that of their predecessor.



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