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Vaajakallio Design Oy has the full range of abilities necessary in product development. The firm enters the picture early on, with highly experienced designer Jukka Vaajakallio acting as a member of the customer's product development team and an expert in visualisation, or carries out the whole development process via a solid network of partners on a turnkey basis.

Complete ability in product development means, in planning, the incorporation of mechanical design considerations, among other factors. In this, the materials, the manufacturing method, and assembly procedures are specified. In planning of a user interface, the features that determine the device’s usability are optimised; these might include understandability, ease of use, security, etc.

Vaajakallio Design Oy works in close co-operation with 3DProject Ky, a producer of 3D modelling and animation services. The files we design are compatible with rapid prototyping and mould manufacture, among other applications.

Not only product design

In addition, Vaajakallio Design Oy is increasingly active in other areas of industrial design. According to several definitions, the sectors of industrial design can be categorised as:

• Conceptual design (concept design)

• Strategic design

• Information design

While all product design assignments include some features of each of these, conceptual design, strategic design, and information design are sometimes needed even before the product design stage. In brief, conceptual design concentrates on mapping out alternative product concepts, strategic design charts different product strategies for a changing marketing environment, and information design focuses on making clear the product's message and usability. With today’s rapid-paced technological development and the changes brought about with globalisation and in lifestyles and cultures, these new sectors are growing in importance in parallel with product design.


Consulting in industrial design involves both giving advice and solving problems. It is often more important for the designer to recognise the right questions and answer them correctly than to give correct answers to the wrong questions. What are the true customer values of the product under development? What can yield success, and what endangers it, when price class, function, and production details are uncertain?

Although consulting is built into each design assignment, pure consulting work is carried out as well. In this consulting, the forms of use and the exact nature of the new product are mapped out and, sometimes, alternatives to replacement of the old product, such as a service, are suggested.

Teaching in the field

Teaching in the field is conducted at design universities and in polytechnics. As well as at various colleges, it can involve courses arranged by INSKO, AEL, and other organisations. Also, companies often use design consultants in their internal training. Jukka Vaajakallio has been a part-time teacher at the University of Art and Design Helsinki since 1980 and has given lectures in courses and as part of seminars arranged by other educational institutions.


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